Thursday, December 19, 2013

Once there was a pause between meetings and greetings.

Once we dipped feathers in ink,
Giving words time to sink,
And used penmanship,
and flowery language,
To impress with, we hoped,
The impression of initials,
Dipped in wax,
Sealing the envelope.

Do you remember,
Waiting by the phone?
Making sure it wasn’t off the hook,
Relieved to hear the dial tone,
You’d take another quick look,
And worry that in those few seconds you picked it up,
They got a busy signal.

Once there was a pause between meetings and greetings.

And now,
those means of communication,
Are always within reach,
We become part of the constant conversation,
With a chat,
An email,
A facebook message,
A text.
And you start to wonder,
What’s next?
How soon do you reply?
Is it ok to follow them on twitter,
Before the twitterpation is returned?
Can I profess my love aloud?
And share it on a cloud?
Do you use shorthand, acronyms and emoticons?
Can you LOL at your true love?
When do you become Facebook official?
And does it start to feel more real?

When the relationship is also virtual?

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